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We are Ángela and Ivan, together we form Ivan Monagas Studio; a team of professionals from the audiovisual sector (photo and video) characterized by transmitting the essence of each couple, their personality and their history. We love to capture the feelings and moments of the most special day of their lives in a creative, unique and original way.

Our philosophy is based on CONNECTION and PASSION. Connecting with the couple is very important because it helps us to know your tastes, your hobbies, since our videos and photographs are a reflection of the personality of each couple. We put passion into what we do and that is reflected in our work because we love what we do and we are characterized for being different, modern, creative and updated, far from the conventional.

We do not record full ceremony, without interruptions. We make clips of short spaces of time that allow us to make a final assembly much more innovative and dynamic.


We believe in quality and not in quantity, so we make a very small number of weddings per year.

And remember, we do not work for hours, we work for stories.




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